Events and Festivals in Kyustendil

Numerous cultural festivals and events are held annually on the territory of the town of Kyustendil, along with some of the most famous holidays – symbols of the town. There is plenty of fun for all ages! Join us and have fun!


The holiday of the town of Kyustendil “Kyustendil Spring” has been celebrated since 1966. It has a long history, as a holiday “St. St. 40 Martyrs ”celebrated in Hisarlaka.

Since 1966, a competition has been held for the selection of a girl “Kyustendil Spring” with two runners-up. This is the first competition in the country for the most beautiful girl in the city. As a city holiday it was declared a day of absence by a decision of the Municipality.
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Three consecutive days of June are dedicated to the “Cherry Festival”, which is associated with the glory of the Kyustendil region as the Orchard of Bulgaria.

The exhibition of the fruits of fruit labor for the country began in the town of Kyustendil in 1896, when the First National Fruit Growing Exhibition was established and the town received the title “Mother of Bulgarian Fruit Growing. “
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In the middle of August – August 15 is the “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin” and Kyustendil celebrates “Panagia – the rise of bread.”
This kind of holiday is associated with the spiritual culture of the Orthodox population of the Kyustendil region.
“Panagia” is the name by which the Mother of God is called, the raising and ritual breaking of bread, its breaking and eating together. Panagia is the practice of Christ and the apostles, of the ancient church community, passed through times and different cultures – preserved by our ancestors and brought to our time, through the holidays of the church and folk tradition. Panagia are the medallions with images of the Virgin Mary that the hierarchs wear, Panagia is called churches, fortress walls, even cities.

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The “Feast of Fertility” crowns the autumn in the town of Kyustendil and declares it again as a town – “Mother of Fruit Growing”. The ancient autonomous Pautalian coins testify to this with their images. Konstantin Irechek in “Travels in Bulgaria” – the early 80s of the 19th century describes fresh and very tasty Kyustendil region.

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