Jogging and other cardio workout activities

Jogging and opportunities for sports in the sports complex Osogovo

Don’t miss your morning run and maintain your perfect shape even in winter! You can take advantage of the indoor running track of the Osogovo sports complex located at 19 Tsar Osvoboditel Street. The track is completely covered, with tartan pavement, 100 meters long and additional space for jumping from a place, long jump and rope climbing.

The complex also has:

rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics hall and trampoline;
boxing hall;
bodybuilding and fitness room;
wrestling hall;
new judo and sambo hall;
table tennis hall;
aerobics room;
karate hall;
football field;
2 volleyball and tennis halls;
grassy throwing range;
changing rooms;
service premises;
medical office;
administrative building.

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