Tourism and recreation in the Osogovo mountain

Rest actively among the beautiful nature of the Osogovo mountain

Osogovo Mountain is the northernmost part of the Osogovo-Belasitsa mountain group of the Rila-Rhodope massif. It extends within the borders of Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Osogovo is the fifth highest mountain in Bulgaria. The highest peak is Ruen which is located at 2251 meters above sea level. In clear weather, unique views can be seen from the top. To the north we can see the outlines of the Western Stara Planina, to the northeast – Konyavska, Lyulin, Vitosha and Verila mountains. To the east are the ridges of Rila, and to the southeast – Pirin Mountain.

The name Osogovo is an old Slavic or Slavic name. It means a mountain formed around something – probably a military camp. The Osogovo Mountain has a total area of ​​4223 square kilometers, 996 of which stretch between the Kyustendil and Kamenica valleys.

The part of Osogovo, which is located in Bulgaria, is divided into two parts called western or high share and eastern or low share. The two parts of the Osogovo Mountain differ significantly in construction, age of the rocks and relief. Novoselska Reka and Dobra Reka are accepted as a border between the two sections.

The climate in the Osogovo Mountains varies from transitional-continental in the lower parts to mountainous climate in places above 1200 meters above sea level. The mountain climate in Osogovo is characterized by severe winters, heavy rainfall and thick snow cover. There are also avalanche-prone areas on the northern slopes of the mountain. The vegetation in the Osogovo Mountain in the part over 1800 meters above sea level is mainly represented by grass formations, shrubs – Siberian juniper and blue, black and cranberry. In the upper mountain belt grow white pine and beech, and in the lower – beech, sessile oak, hornbeam, black pine and hazel. Raspberries, strawberries, rose hips, herbs, mushrooms and various mosses are also common. In the Osogovo Mountains are the Gabra Nature Reserves, where black pine, Black River – beech and Hisarlaka Forest Park are widespread.

The main tourist sites and bases in the Osogovo mountain are reached by a 21 km asphalt road connecting the town of Kyustendil with the mountain. The climatic conditions in the mountain create conditions for long-term snow retention, which in turn is a great condition for winter and ski tourism.

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